Heil Ranch Ride Report

Apr 8, 2005

Great showing for today's after work "spring ahead" ride (gallery)

In spite of threatening skies, eight intrepid riders braved the demanding trails of Heil Ranch. The 1200 feet of elevation gain and desiccating winds left us parched.

To further complicate things, we all started at different times, and thus found ourselves running in circles on the summit loop looking for one another. Occasionally, one group would meet up with another, but by and large we were like boyscouts on a camping trip.

Steve just sat down at the trail junction and waited for the rest, and in the end we regrouped and descended together. Thanks to everyone who came:

  • Eric
  • Dave U.
  • Noel
  • Dave C.
  • Joe
  • Sean
  • Terry
  • Steve

Hope some of you can make it out at lunch one of these days.